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Oakland Zoo/Akron Zoo

aquariums and zoos
  • Oakland Zoo Oakland Zoo What better to learn about animals than to play make-believe? At the Oakland Zoo, children playing in the children’s Zoo have a chance to
                            become the animals they see, as they climb in on and around.
  • Oakland Zoo Oakland Zoo Enlarged touchable crocodiles nest
  • Akron Zoo Akron Zoo Prepare to take a safari area
  • Akron Zoo Akron Zoo New Zoo identity signage system
  • Akron Zoo Akron Zoo Interpretive signage system

Oakland Zoo/Akron Zoo

Where: Oakland, California; Akron, Ohio

Our role: Design and fabrication

The Oakland Zoo client wanted: A design and fabrication team that could improve the overall guest experience of the Zoo from the street to the parking lot, to the Welcome Center to the first venue area.

Weldon exhibits developed Legends of the Wild: a blend of mythical legends about animals with observation–based facts and information. Visitors take a walk around the world, from Madagascar to the Himalayas and the remote Andes Mountains. As they explore, visitors make their own observations and learn observational practices from an early explorer. Visitors can begin from their own stories, learning about the world around them by gathering information through their own senses.

The Oakland Zoo wanted: A design/fabrication team they could work with to generate unique hands on experiences at affordable prices.