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Marc Swanson Sculptor
Descent of Civilization (Bison Memorial)

Where: The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, MO

Our role: Creating of the anatomically accurate bison sculpture, mold and cast bronze Fabrication

The client wanted: To work closely with a creative experience fabrication team to bring his dream of the bison memorial to life. Marc wanted to develop a permanent outdoor sculpture to memorialize the great herds that once blanketed the North American continent. The American West was once dominated by massive herds of bison (aka American Buffalo) roaming freely. Their population, believed to be 40 to 80 million in 1800, had dwindled to fewer than a hundred by the 1890s.

Weldon Exhibits Team worked very closely with Marc Swanson to bring his dream to fruition, biologically accurate, a dynamic positioning of the skeleton and beautifully patina bronze final sculpture